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      The NEW NCHC SquadLocker TEAM STORE is now OPEN 24/7/365!

      The SquadLocker team store, with our brand new logo, is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Orders ship individually 6 to 12 business days after they are placed.   

      Please click this link to access the Team Store - NCHC SquadLocker Team Store

      We also have car magnets, and stick/helmet decals on our Team Store tab.  Be sure to check it all out!


      NCHC Team Store

      Car magnets now available in the team store! Check out the team store for NCHC merchandise including car magnets, stick & helmet decals and a variety of NCHC logo'd merchandise.

      Are you interested in scheduling a game with Nutley-Clifton Hockey?
      Please contact any of the following (click on their name)
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      Football Mania Winners!

      Week 5 Winners 

      • Anthony Martins (ticket 2942-8A042) - $400 (sold by Weibe)
      • Christie Gido  (ticket 2529-8A042) - $100 (sold by Madsen)
      • Eduardo Gutierrez (ticket 2904-8A042) - $25 (sold by Rivera)
      • Rebecca Hughes (ticket 3045-8A042) - $25 (sold by Hughes)
      • Sean Devlin (ticket 3209-8A042) - $25 (sold by Devlin)

      Week 4 Winners 

      • Mike Juliano (ticket 2628-8A042) - $50 (sold by Dunn)
      • Vinnie Moran (ticket 2748-8A042) - $25 (sold by Cozine)
      • Anthony Natale (ticket 2962-8A042) - $25 (sold by Argenziano)
      • Tony Auerback (ticket 2694-8A042) - $25 (sold by Fox)

      Week 3 Winners 

      • Vito Lupo (ticket 3025-8A042) - $100 (sold by DeCoro)

      Week 2 Winners 

      • Paula Horton (ticket 2590-8A042) - $25 (sold by Kobes)
      • Michael Capone (ticket 2953-8A042) - $25 (sold by Argenziano)
      • Lindsay Trimble (ticket 3160-8A042) - $25 (sold by Trimble)

      Week 1 Winners 

      • Lee Ann Doremus (ticket 2912-8A042) - $25 (sold by Doremus)
      • Nicole Laborda (ticket 3218-8A042) - $25 (sold by Nieves)

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