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    Proud Member of the EJEPL

    Proud Member of the EJEPL

    What is Horse Pirates Hockey?

    Horse Pirate hockey is an aggressively competitive developmental youth travel hockey program that prides itself on fostering player growth and providing an inclusive, family-first culture that is unrivaled in the region.

    Originally founded more than four decades ago to cultivate talent for Nutley (The Raiders, Pirates) and Clifton (The Mustangs, Horses) high schools, the Horse Pirate hockey program has expanded to serve players and families from the entire Northern New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area.

    Created for the benefit of our athletes and families, our founding focus on development remains as prominent as ever. Horse Pirate hockey is all about player development – at all levels ages, for every single player – regardless of skill level.

    We’re aren’t focused on recruiting super teams, we are focused on making our teams super.

    We believe youth players want to play, get better, be active and have fun with their friends.  We know winning is important to them, but NOT at the expense of any of the above. We care more about how our teams look at the end of the year compared to the beginning – not solely about rankings.

    In an era where youth hockey has become a pay-to-play machine and expensive travel leagues have shifted from a developmental model to a business one, Horse Pirate hockey not only preaches development, we back it up with action. From smaller roster sizes to allow for maximum practice and ice time for all, our developmental philosophy runs from top to bottom.  We put our players in a position to improve and grow, meeting players at their specific skill level and guiding them into competitive hockey players using USA Hockey's ADM model.

      Through the dedication of our deep bench of USA Hockey-certified volunteer coaches and involved parents who ensure the organization runs smoothly, we are able to make your kids better while maintaining a team environment that avoids the cultural and financial pitfalls of most other travel programs.

    Our ability to keep costs down while emphasizing development, fun, life skills and the love of the game has allowed us to attract, retain and grow our membership and create a better opportunity for young hockey players and their parents to remain involved in youth hockey and bolster their long-term athletic development.

    Ready to play Horse Pirates hockey?

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    The Brand New Online Store is now OPEN!

    Get all your Horse Pirate Gear and show your Nutley Clifton Hockey Club Pride!

    Get all your Horse Pirate Gear and show your Nutley Clifton Hockey Club Pride!

    Get all your Horse Pirate Gear and show your Nutley Clifton Hockey Club Pride!



    Now Partnered with the NJ Devils and Clary Anderson Arena

    The Nutley-Clifton Hockey Club’s Learn to Play program has now partnered with NJ Devil's grassroots program.  All players receive full hockey equipment from the Devils.



    Learning to play hockey is more than just learning a game. More than skating, passing, and stick-handling, hockey is about responsibility, respect, and teamwork. As children learn the skills needed to succeed on tice ice, they also build and solidify important character traits needed to succeed on the ice. With that in mind, the Learn to Play initiative was developed jointly by the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players' Association to offer more families a chance to experience everything that makes youth hockey so rewarding.

    Developed with the help of experts from USA Hockey and Hockey Canada, the Learn to Play program aims to be the gold standard for youth hockey programs wit the goal of inspiring more families to join the hockey community. Learn to Play changes the way youth hockey is offered by providing first time participants, head-to-toe equipment, weekly sessions of age appropriate on-ice instruction and certified coaching led by National Hockey League Alumni in a fun and safe atmosphere. Learn to Play on-ice practice plans have been developed in collaboration with experts from USA Hockey and Hockey Canada and are taught by certified coaches and National Hockey League Alumni.



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    The NEW NCHC SquadLocker TEAM STORE is now OPEN 24/7/365!

    The SquadLocker team store, with our brand new logo, is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Orders ship individually 6 to 12 business days after they are placed.   

    Please click this link to access the Team Store - NCHC SquadLocker Team Store

    We also have car magnets, and stick/helmet decals on our Team Store tab.  Be sure to check it all out!


    Football Mania Winners Weeks 1-2 2021

    FootballMania is underway!! Here are the winners from weeks 1 and 2:


    Week 1

    Ticket No: 1414-1A015 sold to Joseph DeCoro by DeCoro - $100

    Ticket No: 1417-1A015 sold to Joseph DeCoro by DeCoro - $50


    Week 2

    Ticket No: 1457-1A015 sold to Ana Rosado by Troller - $25


    Congrats to the winners! As always, checks to the winners will be forwarded to team managers for distribution to the sellers. It is the seller's responsibility to forward the checks to the winners.


    Good luck to all of our teams this week!

    Every Purchase you make with Amazon Smile makes a donation to your favorite non-profit hockey club

    We're now on Amazon Smile. Every Purchase you make with Amazon Smile makes a donation to your favorite non-profit hockey club

    Are you interested in scheduling a game with NCHC Horse Pirates for 22-23 season?
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