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    Football Mania Winners!

    Please see below for 2017-18 NFL Season weekly Football Mania winners!

    Week 6 Winners (10/16/17)

    • Chacon (ticket 1361-7A036) - $25 (sold by Chacon)
    • Keith Zakheim (ticket 756-7A036) - $25 (sold by Wheeler)

    Week 5 Winners (10/9/17)

    • Kevin Albers (ticket 76-7A036) - $25 (sold by Locricchio)
    • Elmer Ramos (ticket 87-7A036) - $50 (sold by Madsen)

    Week 4 Winners (10/2/17)

    • Dave c/o Karen Campbell (ticket 1156-7A036) - $25 (sold by Campbell)

    Week 3 Winners (9/25/17)

    • Max Bailey (ticket 501-7A036) - $25 (sold by Sibello)

    Week 2 Winners (9/18/17)

    • Thomas Nicolette (ticket 1112-7A036) - $25 (sold by Nicolette)

    Week 1 Winners (9/11/17)

    • Joe Seirecchia (ticket 653-7A036) - $25 (sold by Stepien)



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